Our Customers

Automated Reports

Measure what you need and visualize deviations from CAD/master with PhotoGAUGE automated reports.  Eliminate the need for in-house software, engineers or programming skills.

Flexible Solution

Use PhotoGAUGE on parts that are too big, heavy or delicate to be moved to the lab.  PhotoGAUGE provides measurements in the field, on the shop floor, or virtually anywhere.

Subscription Model

Pay only for what you use, unsubscribe at any time and run multiple installations under the same account.  No capital tied up in unused equipment and all upgrades are free!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What hardware is needed to use PhotoGAUGE?

As part of the subscription, PhotoGAUGE provides customers with an Android camera phone and a PhotoGAUGE Calibration Bar.

2. What brand phone do you use?

We use the latest Google Pixel phone.

3. How long does it take to reconstruct a part and report measurement results?

Between 10 and 30 minutes is typical.

4. What environment is needed for PhotoGAUGE?

PhotoGAUGE is designed to work in any environment: factory floor, in the field or laboratory.

5. Can PhotoGAUGE be used in the field or at a customer site?


6. How frequently does PhotoGAUGE require calibration?

PhotoGAUGE does not require calibration.

7. Where are your photos uploaded?

– PhotoGAUGE runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.
– All data and communication between phone and servers is encrypted.

8. How does PhotoGAUGE compare to a scanner?

PhotoGAUGE is similar to high-end 3D scanners in that it produces an accurate 3D point cloud or a mesh model of the physical part. Unlike typical scanners, the PhotoGAUGE application includes automated reporting which generates a comprehensive set of part measurements without involvement of your metrology lab.

9. How is your subscription pricing beneficial to the customer?

Subscription pricing carries no upfront cost. It’s pay-as-you-go, so you can opt out of the contract when circumstances change.

10. How do you minimize human error when shooting parts?

Our app guides the user through focusing, lighting and coverage of the area of interest.

About Us

PhotoGAUGE was founded on the insight that a software application based on cloud computing, smartphone, and commodity camera hardware would soon be able to replace bulky and costly metrology hardware.

PhotoGAUGE’s core technology sits at the intersection of Photogrammetry, Computer Vision and Machine Learning.

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