Revolutionize the way you measure, count, and inspect physical objects.

Just PhotoGAUGE it.

PhotoGAUGE is transforming the way companies understand the physical world. Shoot a quick video, and you can measure any object. Or generate a CAD to reverse engineer it. Or count inventory, calculate volume, and inspect each part.  

With this flexible tool, the choice is yours. 

Smartphone cameras, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence combine to give you the power to take quick, easy, accurate scans of anything, anywhere.  

If you can see it, you can PhotoGAUGE it.

Use Cases

Measure anything, anywhere

Simply take a short video of the object you would like to measure, and automatically get a customized, digital report that measures dimensions, volume, wear and tear, etc. Whatever you need to know about a physical object, PhotoGAUGE can tell you. 

Easy to use

You don’t need any technical knowledge to measure complex objects or specialized tools for difficult to reach areas, all you need to do is point your smartphone at it. Our artificial intelligence does the rest. 

Quick and accurate

Automatic measurement reports take the guesswork and human error out of every project. Now you don’t need to measure twice and cut once. Instead, just PhotoGAUGE it and get to work.

From video to CAD in minutes

You can reverse engineer any object, quickly and easily, by taking a short video and uploading it to PhotoGAUGE. Automatically construct a CAD to reverse engineer difficult to measure objects in minutes.  

Fast, Accurate, Reliable

There’s no second-guessing or potential for human error. You can rest assured you have all the 3D measurements you need to reconstruct your object from a single scan. 

A Flexible Tool

To get started, all you need is a smartphone. Shoot a quick video and our artificial intelligence does the rest. Reverse engineering has never been easier. Whenever you need actionable intelligence, just PhotoGAUGE it.

Valuable on-site measurements

Save on travel time. No matter how off the beaten path your work site is, upload a quick video of the object you want measured, duplicated, or repaired and PhotoGAUGE will create a CAD, measurement or wear and tear report to tell you exactly what you need to know.

Reduce costly errors & breakage

Know exactly when a piece of machinery is going to break down, so you can repair it without stopping the work. Completely remove human error from the equation. Never worry about having enough materials on site again.

Simple to use

Empower on-site workers to take regular measurements and inspections with a quick video. Upload them to the home office for analysis. Automatic digital reports turn decision making, integration, and planning into a snap.

Get everything you need to know

Check for deviations compared to the specs. Measure wear and tear. Determine if an assembled product has all the necessary parts. Count thousands of objects in a snap. All this from a simple video. 

Inspect swiftly and easily

Easy, automated inspection means increased quality and decreased costs. Scan and review every part on the assembly line, rather than just a sample. Remove defects and deviations early in the process. Save time and money.  

Actionable Intelligence

With PhotoGAUGE’s automatic, comprehensive, and customized reports, decision-making has never been easier. Track the details you need. Get the complete picture. Act with confidence. 


PhotoGAUGE is a versatile measurement system with many applications. Check out our solutions packages designed for specific industries:
WindowGAUGE allows you to measure windows with your phone and upload that data to a central system…
LogisticsGAUGE allows you to measure, count and inspect packages, pallets, inventory, shipping containers, and raw materials…
DroneGAUGE allows you to autonomously measure and inspect large areas (work sites, warehouses, facilities, infrastructure)…
FieldGAUGE measure anything, anywhere with a cell phone.Track wear & tear, corrosion, or the condition of assets in the field….

How PhotoGAUGE Works

Start with the Technology

Measure, inspect, or capture any object as quickly and easily as taking a selfie. The combination of smartphone cameras, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence means you can get actionable intelligence automatically. Cut through the noise with customized reports that show you exactly what you need to know.

Our Approach: Finding Solutions

We ask questions. We work with you to understand the problem your company is trying to solve and build a custom business solution together. We automate data collection, tabulation, and analysis to provide your team with robust information that supports smart decisions, solves business problems, and helps you act with confidence. 

But that’s only part of the story

As your business grows and your needs shift, we’ll be there to help you tackle challenges as they arise, solve issues and concerns that crop up along the way, and take advantage of the unique opportunities that emerge from our collaboration.

Let’s get to work. Together. Learn More Here

Case Studies

About PhotoGAUGE

PhotoGAUGE was founded on the insight that there is an easier, less expensive way to understand physical objects. Whether measuring, inspecting, or scanning objects, countless companies need to quantify the physical world and do something with that information.

That’s where we come in. We help you collect, analyze, and understand that information. We make it simple and easy. And we automate as much of the process as possible, so that you can focus on finding solutions, making decisions, and getting the job done.

Measure, inspect, or capture any object. Anywhere. Just PhotoGAUGE it.

Meet the Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team is here to support you. Have a question not covered below? Let us know.

PhotoGAUGE works off images acquired by regular cameras (including cameras inside smartphones). Depending on the inspection need, these photographs may be converted into accurate 3D scans from which measurements or CAD models are made, or artificial intelligence used to verify, count and/or detect defects or objects.

PhotoGAUGE uses different hardware to address different inspection needs. The hardware typically consists of a camera, calibration objects and other mechanical accessories such as mechanized turntables or rails and the software is a smartphone app. In all cases, the necessary hardware and software are delivered to you as a complete turnkey solution.

Results are delivered securely to the user’s PhotoGAUGE cloud account and if requested, they can also be sent by email.

PhotoGAUGE 3D measurements are certified to better than 0.1% accuracy and our AI-based decisions are typically 95%-98% accurate.

PhotoGAUGE 3D measurements are certified by an independent measurement laboratory and AI-based decisions are validated by customer data.

PhotoGAUGE hardware come pre-calibrated and do not need periodic calibration.

One of PhotoGAUGE’s strengths is its offline mode in remote field locations where internet access is typically poor. Users can shoot images without access to the internet and upload when they return to a location with good access.

Depending on the inspection need, results may be available real-time or they may take 30 min to an hour.

PhotoGAUGE works on images and specifically, line-of-sight. Only parts or portions thereof that are directly visible to the camera can be inspected. Therefore, PhotoGAUGE cannot inspect interiors of parts or deep holes, which are not visible to the camera.

PhotoGAUGE runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. All data and communication sent between the provided device and the AWS servers are encrypted for your security.

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