Autonomous inspection of large areas and objects

About DroneGAUGE

DroneGAUGE allows you to autonomously measure and inspect large areas (work sites, warehouses, facilities, infrastructure) and objects (raw materials, parts and products, shipping containers, rail cars) with a drone, video, and AI. You do not need to know how to fly and navigate a drone, or even have a drone pilot license. The app does it all for you. With a simple tap, the drone takes off and flies in a predetermined flight path to capture the necessary information in the area of interest, whether it’s an object, site, or inventory. Customizable workflows allow you to define the process you need for collecting data on each project, and intuitive dashboards provide meaningful insights, analysis, and collaboration across your entire team.

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Leave the clipboard in the dust, and say goodbye to the human error that inevitably creeps in with manual counting, inspection, and dimensioning at scale. Now, you can collect all of the information you need on large work sites, surveys, inventory or assets from a quick, automated drone flight. Control the drone from a safe and comfortable distance, and let the AI do the work for you.
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An Intuitive Solution

Take advantage of our easy to deploy tool, tailored to your workflow and process.


  • Automate data collection in any environment with pre-programmed flight path
  • Capture anywhere a drone can fly, anything that can be seen, with a quick video
  • Take measurements from on our web portal by simply tapping on the photos
  • Tag additional information on the fly, such as description, customer info, location, etc.
  • Audit: Video proof on the status & condition of the area, inventory, or object
  • Customize workflow: Process, flight path, data capture, and output format
  • Export to PDF, Excel, text or other file format
  • Integration:  Automatically save data to CRM, Project Management Software, or Warehouse Management System


  • Faster counting, measurement, or inventory tracking. Eliminate human error from the equation
  • Increase worker safety, avoid dangerous areas or the need to climb over cumbersome surfaces
  • Do all the measurement, tracking and auditing work from the comfort of your office and desktop.
  • Gather exactly the data you need, in exactly the format you want
  • Get everyone on the same page with easy to interpret visual material alongside objective data
  • Ensure the field/service reps captures all the critical data prior to the flight. Create and manage projects from anywhere
  • Professional output for sales quote, shipping manifest, manufacturing, or planning
  • Remove human error in transcribing data, easily collaborate across teams, and analyze insights in a intuitive dashboard experience

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