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Implementing Innovative Technology at Large Industrial Organizations

Introducing innovative tech to large organizations presents unique challenges. A big company’s operations can be almost overwhelmingly complex, with many stakeholders, and ingrained existing processes. But what if a large industrial organization worked with a nimble, adaptable team that was willing to spend the time to figure out how to maximize value and produce a solution that contributes to smooth change management?

That’s the story of many large companies, and their collaboration with PhotoGAUGE.

The Problem: Field Measurement Precision and Efficiency

Despite vast resources and advanced in-house facilities, accurately and efficiently measuring test products in the field presents a challenge to any company. Their teams require solutions which can replicate the level of accuracy achieved in their laboratories but with the added convenience of collecting data in the field. Often existing processes, though well established, are prohibitively expensive at scale, requiring specialized machinery expertise. Usually this cannot be operated conveniently in the field.

A New Approach: PhotoGAUGE

Enter PhotoGAUGE. Greg Camarato, Retired Goodyear Executive and former Sr Director of Technical Operations in Tire Technology, discovered PhotoGAUGE while searching for ways to bring laboratory-level measurement capabilities to field-based projects. PhotoGAUGE’s smartphone technology, coupled with their keen interest in developing a holistic solution to critical challenges, caught his attention. PhotoGAUGE wasn’t merely offering a piece of tech; they were offering a collaborative solution crafted around the client’s unique needs and processes.
“One key part of the work at that time,” Camarato says, “Was the interest PhotoGAUGE had in developing an overall solution to our challenges. They did that by learning and watching our process and then looking for ways to implement solutions. I loved this approach.” Camarato is speaking in this article personally and not on behalf of Goodyear.
PhotoGAUGE set to work, seeking first to understand Goodyear’s process and the inherent challenges. This involved observation followed by iterating on a solution that used commodity level smartphones with a user-friendly app.
The success criteria were clear: matching precision to laboratory-based analysis, speed and ease of use, secure data handling, and fast turnaround times.

The Solution: A New Level of Precision and Efficiency

By first working to understand client challenges and existing processes, PhotoGAUGE can collaboratively solve existing client challenges with easy-to-implement technology. They develop an app with an intuitive workflow which “Enables use by nearly anyone in the field,” Camarato says. “It allows for high precision, easy data uploads, and ultimately highly accurate images and data for use by product development teams.”
The operational efficiency is improved with a clearer, more accurate understanding of the situation, delivered through videos, photos, and data in a dashboard approach for easy viewing of results.
The tangible benefits of PhotoGAUGE’s solutions include significant time savings in gathering measurements and new possibilities offered by the portable measurement system.
The problem-solving approach taken by PhotoGAUGE helps create a more efficient, streamlined data collection operation.
But the success stories with PhotoGAUGE don’t end there. The collaboration with clients opens up a realm of potential future applications for PhotoGAUGE’s technology across large company business units, demonstrating the scalability and adaptability of the solutions.
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Conclusion: Adaptable Solutions for Industry Giants

PhotoGAUGE’s collaboration with large industrial clients highlights how a nimble, adaptable technology can be seamlessly implemented into large industrial operations. The key to a successful implementation is understanding the unique needs and processes and crafting a solution that fits within them. This approach not only resolves an existing challenge but opens the door for further operational efficiencies.
By focusing on creating value and taking the time to understand fundamental challenges, PhotoGAUGE is able to act as a problem-solving partner.
As Camarato notes, “The key is the ability of PhotoGAUGE engineers to first understand a process, ascertain what the challenge truly is in collaboration with the client, and providing an easily implementable solution.”
Camarato’s experience with PhotoGAUGE is a testament to what makes them effective and unique: their ability to work closely with customers, understand processes, and develop solutions meeting their needs. It’s not just about providing a piece of technology. It’s about delivering a comprehensive solution which makes a tangible difference in their operations.
In a landscape where change is constant, the ability to be agile, understand the client’s needs, and respond with tailored solutions is the real key to success. PhotoGAUGE’s work with large industrial companies serves as an exemplar of this approach, demonstrating the value of innovation, understanding, and adaptability in addressing industrial measurement challenges.

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