Measure, count and inspect pallets, packages and inventory

About LogisticsGAUGE

LogisticsGAUGE allows you to measure, count and inspect packages, pallets, inventory, shipping containers, and raw materials with a quick video. Speed up loading times & sales quotes, track inventory with ease, and have a complete digital paper trail for every shipment. Automate data capture with a smartphone, drone, or mounted camera and easily integrate those numbers into your proprietary API, Warehouse Management System or Transportation Management System from anywhere in the field. Customizable workflows allow you to define the process you need for collecting data on each project, and intuitive dashboards provide meaningful insights, analysis, and collaboration across your entire team.

Capture a Quick Video

Take a quick video to unlock the power of automated measurement. Speed up loading times. Know the dimensions of a load before it comes into the terminal. Audit customer and shipper dimensions with an objective, independently verified system. Automatically track and store shipment, customer, and measurement data to activate collaboration and analyze insights. All from a simple video.
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An Intuitive Solution

Take advantage of our easy to deploy tool, tailored to your workflow and process.


  • NTEP certified measurement system
  • Measure, count and inspect shipments and inventory with a quick video or measurable photo
  • Quick and accurate dimensions & inspection reports for auditing
  • Track measurements, description, condition and location for each customer at the point of pick up
  • AI text detection for shipping labels and reading scales
  • Customize workflow:  Organize by process, vehicle, customer, SKU, etc.
  • Integration: Automatically save data to CRM, WMS, TMS


  • Independently verified accuracy, legal for trade
  • Speed up operations: don’t stop loading to measure and count
  • Objective data to check against customer input or shipper’s bill, with a complete digital paper trail
  • Have that data ready by the time the shipment gets to the terminal, track conditions from pick up to delivery
  • Track and input essential text data into your systems
  • Get exactly the data you need, in exactly the format you want.
  • Remove human error in transcribing data.  Share measurement data automatically before getting back to the warehouse

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