Does this ring meet spec?

Seamless forged rings varying in size from a few inches to a few hundred inches and from a single pound to several tens of thousands of pounds are widely used in the gear, bearing and heavy machinery industries. Measurements of inner and outer diameters, height and width are almost always performed by hand using tape measures, which leads to inaccuracies and large operator-to-operator variability.  PhotoGAUGE automates the scanning and measurement process and provides data along 36 slices around the ring, eliminating human error and capturing dimensional variations within each ring, a task that is next to impossible for human operators. PhotoGAUGE reports also quantify fishtailing on the top and bottom surfaces, which is a persistent challenge for human operators. The accurate 3D geometry obtained using PhotoGAUGE can also be used to set up customized CNC machining for each scanned ring, thus recovering rings that would have otherwise been scrapped.