PhotoGAUGE for Home Improvement
The ultimate tool for measurement & inspection in the field

The End-to-End Solution for Home Improvement

Measure anything, anywhere with a cell phone. Get dimensions for installation. Track wear & tear, corrosion, or the condition of assets in the field. Reverse engineer digital twins of any site, building, machine, or part. All with one reliable, easy to use, accurate tool. Use photos and videos to gather essential visual data, then generate interactive measurable photos in a cloud-based central management system. Collaborate with teams around the world. Make predictive maintenance an everyday occurrence. Turbo charge your field operations, speed up installation time, reduce the number of onsite visits, and gather actionable intelligence with ease.

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Unleash the power of automated measurement, inspection, & counting with a tool that’s already in your back pocket: a smartphone. Say goodbye to the inevitable human error that creeps into field work at scale. Now, collect all of the data you need on sites, assets, or inventory with a quick video. Automatically track field data in a central system for easy and intuitive analytics.
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An Intuitive Solution

Take advantage of our easy to deploy tool, tailored to your workflow and process.


  • Measure anything in one site visit. Get all the measurements you need from a quick smartphone video
  • Reliable, easy to use, and independently verified as accurate within 0.1mm or ± 4 thou
  • A centralized repository of all scans, dimensional data, and visual inspections
  • Intuitive dashboards and analytics to chart and monitor data collection
  • Custom data delivery as an STL, CAD, report, or interactive measurable portal


  • Speed up installation, maintenance, or operations by reducing the number of site visits
  • Any worker can collect detailed, complicated measurements without domain expertise
  • Collaborate and share essential information across teams around the world instantly
  • Draw objective conclusions from rich historical data, discover new efficiencies
  • Professional output for sales quotes, manufacturing, and project

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