PhotoGAUGE for Window Installation
Get manufacture-ready measurements with a cell phone

The End-to-End Solution for Measuring Windows

PhotoGAUGE allows you to measure windows with your phone and upload that data to a central system for tracking installation, customer, and manufacturing info. Field reps take a short video from commodity cell phones to do quick measurements and provide a sales quote. Meanwhile, measure techs can pull accurate measurements via a web portal and automatically send the data to manufacturing. Customizable workflows allow you to define the process you need for collecting data on each project, and intuitive dashboards provide meaningful insights, analysis, and collaboration across your entire team.

Capture a Quick Video

Say goodbye to multiple, lengthy site visits, the human error that creeps in at scale, and returns from mismeasurements. With PhotoGAUGE, all you need to do is record a quick video of the window you want to measure, and our patented measurement system gives you everything you need to quote, manufacture, and install custom windows.

Play Video

Get Your Results

Login to our web portal, take measurements & generate a report.

An Intuitive Solution

Take advantage of our easy to deploy tool, tailored to your workflow and process.


  • Get all the measurements you need from a quick video, measure an entire house with one site visit
  • Eliminate mismeasurements and the need for repeat visits to the customer’s home
  • Customize workflow: Process, flow, model, colors, trims, customer info, etc.
  • Export to PDF, Excel, text or other file format
  • Integration:  Automatically save data to CRM or Project Management Software


  • Speed up your sales process by cutting site visits in half
  • Go from sales quote to manufacturing in 3 days instead of 3 weeks
  • Ensure field sales reps input all critical data on each window, removing the need for repeat visits
  • Professional output for sales quotes, manufacturing, and project management
  • Remove human error in transcribing data, unlock collaboration across teams, and analyze insights in one intuitive dashboard experience

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